Scene change! Here’s whats going on front of house. Only one customer in the audience and he’s already drunk. . .hmm, not such a good sign.

I had a lot of trouble figuring to how to draw a buttslap. I struggled with choosing what angle a drunk man would slap a booty. . .I decided rather than the traditional “from the side” he’d go for an awkward “from the top”. Clearly I thought too much about this.

All I know is, Pytilia is NOT into it.


. . .In other news, I recently uploaded this comic to Tapas! At the time it seemed like a good idea. I got a lot of subscribers there (over 1000!), and many positive comments. Then some shit hit the fan about their ToS and a sneakily added “right of first refusal” clause, but they’ve since removed that after  everyone got extremely mad. I think I’ll keep uploading there, since I’ve gained a lot more readers, but it definitely feels a bit bittersweet. I hope it will encourage people come to my main site and read the comic here. We’ll see. . .