The main performer at The Aviary. Oriole trained Merle to sing & dance from a young age, raising her to fill the shoes her mother left upon her death. It’s all Merle has ever known, and she is beginning to tire of it. Her life when she’s not on stage is rather lonely;       her only friends are her pet birds and Pytilia.


The proprietor of The Aviary, a cabaret nightclub. She has acted as a mother (in the loosest sense of the term) to Merle for most of her life. A strict woman with a cold heart who is only interested in business.


Oriole’s assistant, who does anything she asks of him. He appears emotionless and distant to everyone inside the Aviary and only answers to Oriole. People have learned to leave him alone and he remains a rather mysterious presence within the Aviary walls.


Another dancer at The Aviary, who wishes she was in the spotlight instead of Merle. She bosses around all the other dancers, doesn’t get along with Merle and makes sure no one else does, either.  She loves to flirt and craves attention.


One of the dancers at The Aviary. She tries to be nice to Merle when she can, but ultimately does what Willet and Kestrel tell her to do. She spends her spare time reading tarot and daydreaming.


One of the dancers at The Aviary. She is good friends with Willet & Lark. She has a fiery temper and a love of cigars.


The Aviary’s bartender and waitress. The only one not intimidated by Willet. She has grown close to Merle over the years, and is her only friend. She just wants to make Merle happy.


He found Finch shortly after he was abandoned, became friends and grew up together while Gannet raised them both. Together they take on odd jobs (mostly chimney sweeping) and do a fair bit of stealing to get by.


Merle’s fraternal twin brother. He has been separated from Merle since early childhood. After 15 years, his memories of her and his time at The Aviary have faded. He has learned everything from Gannet, who’s been raising him since he was little.


The only remaining dancer left from Veery’s era. She no longer performs, but Oriole has let her keep her room at The Aviary. She is the only one who Oriole sees as an equal, and is able to get whatever she asks for from her.


Merle and Finch’s mother, who died when they were four years old. They don’t remember much about her.

The Magpies:

Two sisters, Gozzie and Guillie, who live outside The Aviary in the side alleyway. They steal goods from inside when Oriole isn’t looking. The older of the two, Gozzie, does what she can to support Guillie.