The show’s finally started! The Aviary is a cabaret theatre. Some entertainment while you drink and maybe have a snack. Nothing too naughty. . .haha.

Merle’s mother Veery was a successful dancer and singer, the star of the show. Now Merle is forced to take her place after Veery’s untimely death, but she doesn’t have the same passion for it as her mother did. . .But did Veery ever really enjoy it? Hmm. . .


I’m going to be honest…I think I have to give up on uploading twice a week. I just can’t seem to handle it right now. Maybe in a few months when I’ve accumulated a bit of a backlog I can start it up again. . .Sorry, guys. So, Page 22 will be coming next week on Monday.

I decided to make a screen recording of my colouring process for this page, I only started it halfway through, but this gives you a good idea of how I work. I haven’t made character colour palettes yet which is why I’m referencing older pages, haha. I suppose I should get around to that but it just seems like a minor thing at this point *shrugs*

I hope to do more screen recording and maybe even live streaming in the future! Check it out below!