I almost didn’t finish this page in time! I just finished last night at 12:30am 😵 Suddenly doubting if I can manage to update this twice a week. . .Not only am I working on this comic, but I’m also attending a weekly craft fair, and if accepted, will be joining ANOTHER weekly craft fair on top of that! So I will have to sew and craft constantly, in addition to all this drawing. We shall see if I can juggle all this.

Er. . .As for this page, we are introduced to two new characters! Lark & Kestrel, both of whom I’m quite fond of. Willet, Lark & Kestrel are all having fun together, while completely ignoring Merle. Poor girl.

Anyway now that this is finished, I’m gonna get to bed cause I’m pretty pooped. Hopefully I don’t wake up and notice a bunch of mistakes in this page!