As you may have noticed, The Aviary has been on hold for the past several months. It started when I moved to a new house rather unexpectedly, which took a lot out of me. I haven’t been able to focus on the comic since then. Even though I haven’t been able to draw it, I have been thinking about it every day, and how I want to proceed with it. I feel like the way I currently draw is too time consuming and unnecessarily detailed. It’s a style I used to feel comfortable in, but it doesnt translate well to the world of comics. I’ve always known this but thought I could just power through. . .but I’ve realised I need to change it if I want to finish this to the end. I have no one helping me, it’s just one person writing, drawing, planning. . .It’s a big job for one person. I don’t know how people do it!

So, I’m trying to hone my style to be more like what I’ve always wanted it to be, but never been able to emulate correctly before. I hope this makes it easier on me in a way I can finish pages quicker, cause boy, do I have a long story to tell.

Above is a sketch of no one in particular, using this new style I’m developing. I’m hoping The Aviary will now be drawn more simply, with sketchy lines, flat colours/more monochromatic colours, and less details. It will be different but I think an improvement overall.  I hope I can make it work, and assuming I can, I hope you all will welcome the change!